Welcome to the Membership Area of Mike Serovey on Chess!



This area of Mike Serovey on Chess is for the paid and free members of this site.

Some of the pages in this membership area will be available for all people to see while other areas and pages will be available only to the members of this site. Because this site is being rebuilt after I moved it to a new hosting company, it is not yet ready for paid members. I am now taking free members to beta test this membership area. Use a contact form or PM me on Facebook to apply for that free membership. I am taking up to 10 free members. If you do not keep your end of the deal by giving me feedback that can help me improve this site, then I will cancel your free membership and you will have to pay to rejoin this site!

After I have sufficient content, then I will start charging students for access to this membership area.

Check back here again for updates and to see when this membership area is ready for you to use!